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It didn't record something that happened on my camera
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It didn't record something that happened on my camera


If you do not find video clips in the search view when you know the camera was running, possible causes include:


The search view is displaying the video from a different day. If you leave Sighthound Video running, it does not automatically change to the current day's video. Check the date above the list of video clips to make sure it is the same day as the event occurred.



Sighthound Video is no longer running. See Sighthound Video stopped recording and is no longer running


The connection to the camera was lost. If you are using a network camera, it may be losing the connection to the network. Possible causes and suggestions can be found here.


The video quality was too low


  • The captured frame rate may be too low to detect moving objects. If you have video for that time period but no tracked objects, this may be the case. Sighthound Video generally requires 8 frames per second to track objects.
  • The object may be too small to be tracked or may blend into the background (low contrast).
  • The camera is dropping frames


The camera was not set to record. The default setting is to run all cameras all the time. But if you have changed this setting, click your camera in the Monitor view to see if rules were scheduled to run.


  • The check box next to the rule must be selected in order for the rule to be run.
  • Check the time the rule is set to record (in other words, if you didn't see something recorded at night, make sure the camera was scheduled to run at that time)
  • See also My camera is On but not recording.



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