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Video clip rules



  • Detect people or unknown moving objects
  • Determine if an object is:
    • Inside or outside a region
    • Entering or exiting a region
    • On top of a region
    • Entering or exiting through a door
    • Crossing a boundary
    • Loitering
  • Send a mobile app notification (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)
  • Send an email if a rule is triggered
  • Play a sound if a rule is triggered
  • Save a video of the event when a rule is triggered. All other video is temporarily kept for a period of days which can be adjusted (default is 48 hours).
  • Run a custom action using a script or other program if a rule is triggered (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)
  • Automatically upload video clips to an FTP site for secure archival (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)
  • Export to a local folder for long term archival purposes (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)

Search view



  • List of video clips with thumbnails
  • One-click filter for type of object or any rule
  • Display color-coded frames around people, objects, and rule regions
  • Video playback controls, with keyboard shortcuts
    • Play and replay shortcut
    • Previous and next frame
    • +/- 2 seconds
    • Previous and next clip
    • Beginning and end of clip
    • Markers for when objects appear
    • Playback speeds: 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 3x
    • Continuous playback
  • 24-hour time bars showing video clips and temporary video
  • Export clips to standard video format (.mp4)
  • Delete clips


Grid view

  • View live video of connected cameras 
  • Configure number of cameras displayed and their order


Monitor view


  • View live video of connected cameras (port forwarding required to process and view cameras on a different network)
  • Add, edit, remove cameras using a Camera Setup wizard
  • Manage rules for each camera
    • Enable and disable rules
    • Schedule rules to run at specified times or days
    • One-click access to video clips recorded by that rule
  • Configure a set of cameras to turn on or off with a toolbar button (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)
  • Set a delay when arming cameras to allow time to exit before cameras start recording or sending alerts (Basic, Home and Pro Editions)
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