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Grid View
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The Monitor view is an alternative way to display your live camera streams with multiple viewing configurations. 



Navigating the Grid view


You can scroll through the displayed cameras using these options. If all cameras are displayed then this will do nothing.


  • Right arrow = Forward (next cameras)
  • Left arrow = Backward (previous cameras)


Zoom in/out

Zooming in and out will change the number of cameras displayed on the screen. If you zoom in while two cameras are displayed you will then see one camera. 


  • Up arrow = Zoom in
  • Down arrow = Zoom out



For example, the following image is zoomed to show two cameras instead of four:


If you were to zoom further in you would see a single camera in this fullscreen configuration:



Configuring the grid layout

1) Open Sighthound Video

2) Select "Sighthound Video > Preferences" on Mac, "Tools > Options" on Windows

3) Click the "Grid" tab



In this settings page you can:


  • Select the number of columns in the grid
  • Select the number of rows in the grid
  • Select the order of the cameras
  • Select the framerate for the live feeds in the grid
  • Enable or disable "Show inactive cameras"
  • Enable or disable "Move inactive cameras to the end of the list"


To change the order of the cameras select the camera you wish to move then use the "Move up" and "Move down" buttons.


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