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I am getting too many email notifications
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I am getting too many email notifications


If you are getting too many mail alerts generated by Sighthound Video, see the support topic on how to reduce the number of video clips that are created.


A few other suggestions:


  • Before setting up an email alert, record a few days of video to see how many alerts you would have gotten. Try creating and fine tuning some rules to get to a manageable number.
  • In some cases it may make sense to have a narrower rule for an alert, and a broader rule for general reviewing of video when you are at your computer. You can also experiment with filters on your email client, e.g., leave a narrower rule in your inbox. but automatically file clips that are generated by a broader rule.
  • In the email setup you can set the set the frequency of emails sent by checking the box next to Send at most one message every _____seconds.
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