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Send an IFTTT trigger
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Send an IFTTT trigger


This feature is for Basic, Home and Pro Editions only


This article will show you how to set a rule to send an IFTTT trigger and how to create a recipe.  You can view existing recipes by searching for Sighthound Video recipes or visiting Sighthound's IFTTT channel.


Getting Started

To use IFTTT with Sighthound Video you will need to do the following:


  • Enable "Send an IFTTT trigger" in the rule editor 
  • Create a Recipe on IFTTT 

Enabling "Send an IFTTT trigger" in the rule editor

Go to the rule editor for the rule you wish to send IFTTT triggers for.  Select the "If seen:" block, go to the "Take actions" tab, check the box next "Send an IFTTT trigger", and click "OK"


Repeat the above step for each rule you wish to use with IFTTT.


Creating a Recipe on IFTTT


1. Log in to your account at


2. Click "My Recipes" in the menu bar at the top of the page


3. Click the text "this"


4. Scroll to the Sighthound logo or simply search for Sighthound Video


5. Click Activate


6. Enter your Sighthound Account username and password to login


7. Click the "Authorize" button


8. Click "Done" 


9. Click "Continue to the next step" 


10. Select a trigger


11. Click the drop list to select a rule. If you chose the "New event from a camera" trigger you would select a camera from the list.

Note: Rules and cameras that do not have IFTTT enabled in Sighthound Video will not appear.


12. Click the text "that"


13. Select an Action Channel from the list

14. Complete the Action Fields. This example shows the Gmail options


15. Create a Recipe Title or use the default and click "Create Recipe"


16. Your recipe is now active

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