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Problems setting up email notifications
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Problems setting up email notifications


You can set up a rule to send an email notification if an event is seen. If the rule generates video clips but no email alerts are received, you can click Send Test Message, which is found at the bottom of the Set up Email Notification dialog.



If this succeeds, then the email settings you entered are correct. If not, you will get an "Error Sending" message, such as "Error logging into the server. Please check your user ID and password."


A few tips to try are:


  • For outgoing SMTP server, SMTP port number and security settings: if you don't know what to enter here, try entering your email provider (e.g., "comcast" or "yahoo") and "outgoing smtp server" in a search engine. You should find a number of matches that include all email settings (and if others are having problems connecting to email with other applications, you will often find people offering solutions for your configuration as well).
  • For “Login User ID," try using both your full email address (e.g. “[email protected]”) or just the part before the @ (e.g. “myname”). Some email servers use a completely different Login User ID, but these are the most common.
  • Double-check the password, although since you need to type the password twice, a typing error is probably not the problem.
  • Try leaving user ID and password blank. With some service providers, like, mail will not work unless user ID and password are blank.
  • For customers, try these settings:
    • Outgoing SMTP server:
    • SMTP port number: 587
    • Security: TLS
  • For customers, try entering one of these two combinations (not mixing and matching):
    • Outgoing SMTP server:, SMTP port number: 465, Security: SSL
    • Outgoing SMTP server:, SMTP port number: 587, Security: TLS
  • For customers, we have seen a bug in their server software for which we have added a work-around. Try to select Check for updates... in the Help menu to download the latest version of Sighthound Video.
  • For Telus Canada customers, try these settings:
    • Outgoing SMTP server:
    • SMTP port number: 465
    • Security: SSL
  • Authentication failing for European providers. In Europe, the majority of the service providers are blocking the SMTP server if the line used is not identified as coming from this provider. For example, if you use Skynet as a provider, you may be able to send mail from home, but not when traveling. For a description of this problem, see this website. One customer wrote, "To solve this, I have opened a free email on Google (Gmail) and I use the for sending my emails when I am abroad. I tried your program using this new Gmail account and it is functioning very well, but it was not functioning using my Belgacom account and the smtp server"
  • For those attempting to send to a mobile device via sms, check this website for addresses.
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