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Export to local folder
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Export to local folder


Export to Local Folder is a feature supported by the Basic, Home and Pro Editions. Export to Local Folder lets you select a folder to export clips for a specific rule. This is ideal for those who wish to save clips outside of Sighthound's file management for long term archival purposes, or to send clips for certain rules into a dropbox, google drive, or other similar service's management folder. 


To enable this feature, go to the "Search View", select the desired rule, and click "Edit" to bring up the Rule Editor. 



From the "Rule Editor", select the "If seen" box at the bottom left of the page. On the right side of the page, you can now enable "Export this clip to: A local folder" and click browse to select the desired folder. 





  • Sighthound Video does not manage these video files in your specified folder like it does on your video storage folder. For example, oldest video files are not automatically deleted to make room for new files. Make sure to manage the storage on your specified folder.
  • Uploading full clips can take up considerable bandwidth. If you try to upload more than your network connection can support, clips may become backlogged.
  • Clips are sent with some delay. Sighthound Video waits until the entire clip can be made before sending it out. If you need less delay, try using a rule that is triggered immediately when a border is crossed, such as crossing a line or entering a region (as opposed to being inside, outside, or on top of a region).
  • For more information on how video is saved, how to manage disk space and how video clips are divided up, please see our article on Managing Your Video
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