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How do I find the IP address of my camera?
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How do I find the IP address of my camera?


The IP address is like a phone number that your computer uses to talk to devices attached to the network. A few options to find this are:


  • The setup software that came with your camera typically has a view that shows a list of cameras on your network. Most cameras do not have Mac OS versions of these utilities.​ ​
  • If your camera has a web page to configure your camera settings, the IP address is typically part of the address.
    • For example, if you can access your camera's configuration website, and the address ("URL") at the top of your browser is something like, then your camera's IP address is
    • Make sure you can actually log in and see the live view of the camera. If you cannot, then the address is probably incorrect (e.g., it has changed). ​​​
  • Go to your router configuration software and look for a screen that displays the IP addresses of attached DHCP clients. This may be called something like "DHCP Clients Table" or "Attached devices." If you can't tell which IP address is the camera, look for a MAC address, which is typically printed on your camera or contained in the packaging of your camera. Here are a few example screenshots:






If you cannot find your camera on your network, a few things to try:


  • Try connecting your PC to the same router as the camera with an Ethernet cable, if it isn't already ​
  • Some cameras have DHCP support turned off by default, such as some Panasonic and Sony cameras. In those cases, if the camera's IP utility does not work, you will need to find a way to access the camera temporarily and find a setting called something like Enable DHCP or Obtain an IP address automatically. One method is to hook the computer directly to the camera with an Ethernet cable, and temporarily set the IP address of the computer so it can find the camera's default IP address. Instructions can be found here.
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