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How do I activate my license?
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How do I activate my license?


Activating your license


‚ÄčLaunch Sighthound Video. If this is your first time running Sighthound Video you will be prompted to activate a license automatically. Otherwise, click the Help menu and select Show License Information


A list of all licenses owned by your Sighthound Sighthound account will be displayed. Select the license you would like to use and click "Activate".

A confirmation message will pop up informing you that activating this license will remove it from the machine it is currently installed on (if any) and revert that instance to Starter Edition. Ignore this message if the license has not yet been activated on any other machine.

After a moment your license will display as "Active" in the "Can Activate" column, and all associated features will be unlocked in the application.

Problems activating your license

If you have purchased a license and the license list is empty, it is likely you are signed in with a different Sighthound Account than the one used when purchasing the license. In this case you will need to log out by following these steps:


1) Go to Help > Show License Information

2) Right-click the Sighthound logo in the upper left corner

3) Select Disconnect My Account


You can then log in using the correct Sighthound Account, restart Sighthound, and return to the license dialog to activate the license. If you do not recall the Sighthound Account used to purchase the license, or you experience any other issues, email us at [email protected].


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