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Developer DNNCam Flash Instructions
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This guide will walk through the steps required to re-flash a DNNCam with the most recent available developer image. 


NOTE: Please do not open your device unless you know what you are doing. Once opened, Sighthound is not responsible for any water damage or other related issues. 


What you will need:

  • MicroUSB cable
  • Torx T20 Security Bit/Driver
  • Host machine running Ubuntu 18.04
  • manufacturingDev*.tar.gz Flash Package (please contact support if you do not have this)



  1. First, use a Torx T20 driver to remove the top screw from both the front and the back of the device. This will allow you to remove the grey Glare Cover.

Note: you may notice that the front screw is a bit longer than those from the back of the device. Make sure that these are put back to their respective places. 


      2. Next, use the same T20 driver to remove the remaining two screws on the rear of the device. This will reveal the inside of the DNNCam, be careful to keep dust and lint from entering the device if possible. 



      3. Now, you will see the MicroUSB port and three buttons beside it. Connect your MicroUSB cable to this port and the other end into an Ubuntu 18.04 host machine. 

      4. Now, we need to put the device into Recovery mode to be flashed. Locate the three buttons directly beside the microUSB connector. Press and hold the button labeled ‘RCVY’ (closest to microUSB), then press the button labeled ‘RST’ (furthest from microUSB) for two seconds. Release both buttons and verify that the device appears by running ‘lsusb’ on your host machine. Look for an ‘NVIDIA Corp.’ device to verify the device is in recovery and ready to be flashed.


      5. Follow the instructions in the README of the manufacturingDev flash package to flash your device with the correct image. Contact support if you have any troubles with this process.

      6. With the device re-flashed, we must now reseal the device. It is very important that the O-ring is properly inserted into the backplate. The O-ring should be pressed into the groove all the way around and shouldn’t be coming loose easily. See images below:



      7. Now, refasten the rear plate to the device by loosely hand-tightening the bottom two T20 screws.


      8. Put the glare cover back on top of the device. Fasten the front with the longer, 25mm, T20 screw. Fasten the back with the shorter, 20mm, screw. Then fasten all of the screws on the device firmly and completely. 

Note:  We tighten all exterior Torx screws to 14 LB-in of torque. Be sure to tighten yours to at least this much. 

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