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User Guide: Sources
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Adding Sources


Sighthound ALPR performs analytics on sources that are imported by users. Sighthound ALPR supports the following sources -

  • Videos & Images
  • RTSP Streams
  • Watched Folders

Uploading Videos and Images

To upload videos or images to Sighthound ALPR click on the "Sources" page and select the "Upload File" button. Next drop files or click on the file upload box to browse files. The option to add location is available. To finish the upload click "Save". Users can see the progress of their upload in the "Uploads" section that appears. Metadata can be added to the video or image file in the "Sources" page.



Using a watched folder

A second method to add sources to Sighthound ALPR is through adding a “Watched Folder”. A “Watched Folder” allows users to enter the path of a folder where source files are dumped so that Sighthound ALPR can begin analyzing the files automatically.

* If a video file which was previously uploaded via “Upload Videos or Image” is located in a “Watched Folder” and is renamed, the video file will be uploaded again.

To edit your watched folder location mount your desired local folder into Docker.


Add a Video Stream

Sighthound ALPR permits users to configure a camera RTSP stream. An RTSP stream allows users to perform analytics such as make, model, color, and license plate recognition in real-time.

To add an RTSP stream -

  1. Click on the "Source" tab located in the Menu bar.
  2. Click on the "Add Stream" button. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Click on the "Camera/RTSP" icon. *Currently, users are limited to 1 camera and one watched folder. Click here for more information on watched folders.

  4. Enter the RTSP stream of a camera. ALPR allows users to specify the streaming protocol to use; this is dependent on the camera. In the "Username" and "Password" field, enter the username and password of the camera. Click "Next". *Sighthound ALPR will verify the stream path. If the stream fails, check that you entered the correct RTSP stream, username/password, or protocol.

  5. If the stream is successfully validated, then the configuration of the source continues. You can assign a name and a GPS location to the source.
  6. To add GPS location, enter in a location or drop a marker on the map and click the "Save" button.

    Streaming data arrives and is processed in real-time. Metadata is configurable and will apply to all data gathered from the stream. Add either key/value pairs or just keys (also known as tags). The metadata is searchable.


Viewing Sources


The Sources page lists out all the sources configured inside of Sighthound ALPR as well as lets you add additional sources. All images and videos are stored on this page. If a source needs to be edited such as adding metadata that can be done through the Sources page. After clicking on source you’ll be navigated to a configure page that is specific to the source.


To add metadata follow these steps:

  1. Click on a source
  2. Enter a tag
  3. Press enter/return on your keyboard


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